Tuesday, January 25, 2011

City Living with Pets

From Left to Right: Bazooka (5yrs old), Quinn (2 yrs old), & Mew Radley (4 yrs old)
It's easy for me to feel down about Portland. It's my home town and I still live here, which for me - the girl who wanted to travel the world and have lovers in every port like a sailor sans the syphillis - is hard. Top that off with the fact that Portland is a destination City. No one is actually from Portland (except me) they're the ones who traveled and left their nests (unlike me). They love Portland, often blindly and presumptuously.

Traditionally, Oregonians have held disdain for "outsiders", though in the past that has mostly meant Californians. Now the "outsiders" are from everywhere! I believe new blood is good for a city, I just often wish I could be that new blood... for someone else's city. 

Yet, while I often disparage the fact that I live here, our terrible road conditions, and our "we're so green" attitude (it's a little bit warranted), every now and then I have to give props to the city that I was born and raised in. Especially in the year since Ethan and I adopted Quinn.

Portland is a friendly city to pet lovers. I had to be say "pet" right there, rather than dog, because really, you can pretty much have any kind of animal in Portland. My neighbors have bunnies, chickens, and ducks in their front yard. On a busy street. It's not rural- It's urban sustainability. As I hope to do someday, I would be allowed to keep up to three beehives on my property (smack dab in the middle of the city) as long as I got the permission of my neighbors; and if I asked, they would probably be encouraging. I could even have a python or a Lynx for the price of the animal and an inexpensive permit (I am not encouraging this!). For those of us that have your more mundane pets (cats & dogs), things get even better.

We often take Quinn to the various dog parks throughout the city. She runs freely, chasing and cavorting with other off-leash pups, and is a delight to behold. Many of these parks have a smattering of toys for the free use of patrons, complimentary doggie clean-up bags, and water for potentially thirsty pooches. All free, all well-maintained, and all dedicated to dogs and their owners. But wait, there's more!

Should I have a hankering for breakfast, I can take Quinn along with me to the Tin Shed where we can enjoy a meal  together- and I mean together because they have a dog menu.

If, perhaps, I am feeling like channeling my inner Princess Jasmine I can take Quinn along as my own personal Raja to the Pied Cow - a hookah restaurant that offers a sumptuous puppy platter perfect for the palates of our canine friends - a perfect location for allowing both of us to bask in our own particular versions of hedonistic delight (basking is a beloved hobby of mine).

And if I just feel like a beer? Well Quinn and I can do that together as well by taking a short  walk down to the Lucky Lab (she doesn't get a beer).

Portland is not only accessible to pet lovers, it caters to them. This is a wonderful trait about my city and truly makes me feel grateful to be here.

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